Intelligent monitoring

CO2 and air quality

Assek Technology offers a range of simple, non-intrusive sensors for monitoring and tracking air quality in facilities such as schools, hospitals or any other building of interest. All of this is accompanied by an easy-to-use web application that ensures a quick and complete follow-up of your installations.

Assek monitoring set
Negative pressure kit

Our solution for

Negative pressure control

To meet the growing need for negative pressure chambers in hospitals and other institutions, we have put together a package of equipment that can transform an ordinary room into a temporary negative pressure chamber.

This solution, like all of our services, is combined with our SECUR application, which allows you to ensure complete real-time monitoring of your installations.


Manage your sinister yourself

With Assekur

The ASSEKUR solution is a package allowing you to manage your minor damage by yourself while avoiding demolition. This package contains all the necessary tools for the diagnosis and remediation of water damage.

Assekur dewatering kit
Assek Technology dewatering in a school corridor


Forget it with us.

All interventions are certified and guaranteed. Our knowledge of demolition free dehumidification for buildings ensures the perfection of each completed term. At the end of any intervention, levies smear on materials affected by water or moisture can be made, as required by the situation or on customer demand.


Targeted dehumidification


Assek Technologie is committed to ensuring that your water damage doesn’t turn into a major construction site. Thanks to unique and targeted dehumidification techniques, water that has infiltrated any material will be removed quickly, thus preventing the proliferation of mold and the inconveniences caused by demolition and repairs. The use of cutting-edge technology paired with expert dehumidification technicians, allows Assek Technologie to manage the most complex of projects.

Research and development Assek Technologie
Assek Technology dewatering in a hospital

During the work,

Continue your activities

Discretion is a priority. Our drying methods are deployed in the least restrictive and intrusive manner possible. Applied preventive measures may allow you to keep affected areas operational. This time saved leads to efficiency and peace of mind.


Follow the evolution of

the dehumidification processes

Control is crucial to project management. Assek Technologie always keeps this top of mind and we have developed a digitally-based solution to manage water damage. With this software, all essential information is just a click away, which helps our team make smart decisions quickly.

Real-time dewatering data acquisition
Hospital environment

Respect the highest

hygienic standards

Assek Technologie is always looking to optimize its dehumidification methods and develop its own equipment that will respect the highest hygienic standards. Its demolition-free dehumidification process contributes to protecting the environment in a sustainable manner.