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Assek Technology air quality measurement kit

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Complete and intelligent system

Assek Technology specialises in the development and integration of intelligent monitoring systems. With a wide range of sensors and other devices available, we are able to offer a solution for almost any situation.

All of this is accompanied by a simple and intuitive web application that ensures complete and efficient monitoring of your installations.

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Monitoring and control software

Our web application allows you to monitor and analyse your facilities in detail.

Track data in real time or view the history of all your premises. Set targets and receive alerts by email or text message when they are not met.

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Simple and quick to deploy

Once the equipment is in hand, it takes less than a day to set up more than twenty rooms.

Our devices all communicate without wires and most can even run on batteries. There is virtually no construction work to be done.

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Assek Technology air quality measurement kit
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A wealth of data

Thanks to our wide range of sensors and equipment, we are able to tailor each installation to our customers' needs.

Our scope of application is vast and includes healthcare, education, industry and more.

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