Negative pressure kit

Turnkey solution

Thanks to our complete and exclusive solution, you are able to create, control and monitor negative pressure in the premises of your choice.

The purpose of creating negative pressure in a room is to limit the spread of contaminants to adjacent areas. This is particularly useful for infectious rooms in a hospital.

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Service Offered


Our solution contains all the necessary equipment to create and monitor negative pressure such as HEPA filters, wireless manometers and monitoring tablet.


Our SECUR management software is available to you so that you can monitor the condition of your negative pressure premises in real time.

Support and alerts

Installation and monitoring are carried out by our experts. Alerts are configured to keep you informed of any failures.

Fast and accurate tracking

Thanks to our Secur web application, you are able to consult your negative pressure data at any time and from any device connected to the Internet.

The data is automatically updated in real time to optimize your decision making in all circumstances.

Personalized management

By sending us the plans for your facility, we can quickly build an interactive map of your negative pressures.

This map allows you to navigate through your establishment and consult the status of your facilities in a clearer and more intuitive way.

Included equipment

HEPA air purifying fan

High velocity radial fan with three air filtration stages (NFS16, PF16, HEPA50).

Pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is a device for measuring a pressure differential between two points.

Tracking tablet

Tablet connected to the SECUR software allowing the monitoring and control of the negative pressure.

LTE-M Internet Gateway

LTE-M communication module bridging the gap between the pressure gauge and the SECUR platform.