Assekur dewatering kit


The ASSEKUR solution is a package allowing you to manage your minor damage by yourself while avoiding demolition. This package contains all the necessary tools for the diagnosis and remediation of water damage.

With the help of the ASSEKUR solution, you are able to deal with minor water damage with the same speed and precision as our experts.

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Assek Technologie has brought together in one package the essential equipment that will enable you to avoid demolition in your dewatering projects.


The ASSEKUR solution provides access to SECUR, our exclusive damage management software for real-time dewatering monitoring and automatic generation of comprehensive reports.


Training sessions are offered to familiarize you with diagnostic techniques, equipment installation and dewatering validation.


We're here for you. Our team of experts is at your disposal with its know-how to accompany you at all times. To ensure that your experience with ASSEKUR is optimal, our support team is even available for video calls.

Simple, fast and efficient use

1 Diagnosis

Assess the extent of the damage by locating the affected areas using ASSEKUR detection equipment.

2 Installation

Install the air injection system quickly and easily. This installation allows you to avoid the inconveniences associated with demolition.

3 Drainage

Benefit from fast and discreet drying in 72 hours or less. Follow the evolution of the drying process in real time using our SECUR management software.


Check that the treated structures are free of moisture and finalize the project.

ASSEKUR equipment

Diagnostic box

This box contains all the tools for measuring and inspecting water damage. These tools make it possible to identify and analyze the affected areas in order to draw a portrait of the damage.

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Thermographic camera

Thermographic and digital moisture sensing camera.

5-in-1 Hygrometer

Hygrometer for internal and external detection of moisture in materials. Measures temperature and relative humidity.

Hammer hygrometric probe

Probe for detecting the moisture of materials at different depths.

Diagnostic tablet

Tablet connected to the SECUR software for damage diagnosis, data entry, consultation of results and video support.

Humidity sensors

Wireless hygrometric and psychrometric sensors. Measures in real time the ambient temperature and relative humidity, as well as the water content of materials.

LTE-M Internet Gateway

LTE-M communication module bridging the gap between the sensors and the SECUR platform.

Laser rangefinder

Laser telemeter for measuring the dimensions of premises.

Installation box

This box contains all the tools needed to install dewatering equipment discreetly, quickly and accurately.

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Perforation punch

Punch for inserting air injectors into wall cavities.

Dust-free drilling guide

Dust collector for HEPA vacuum cleaner and drilling guide.

Pipe punch

Punch allowing the insertion of air injectors into the flexible pipe.

Pipe fastening strips

Strips for fixing the duct to the axial fan.

Injector box

This box contains 60 Secur-air air injectors that can treat up to 80 linear feet of water impacted structures. It can optionally contain additional humidity sensors.

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Secur-air injectors

Patented directional air injection devices allow the dewatering of different materials without demolition.

Humidity sensors (optional)

Wireless hygrometric and psychrometric sensors. Measures in real time the ambient temperature and relative humidity, as well as the water content of materials.

Additional equipment

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Axial fans

Secur-air high velocity axial fans. Maximum air flow rate of 1200 CFM.

Pipe rolls

400-foot Secur-air pipe rolls.

Roller support

Rigid support for a Secur-air pipe roll.


Fire-stop plugs for closing injection openings.