Dehumidification of buildings without demolition

In the event of water damage, 97% of it is easily recoverable. Drying out the remaining 3% to avoid fungal contamination is the raison d'être and specialty of Assek Technologie. It is thanks to the expertise of its trained technicians dedicated to the drying of buildings and its continuous progress in research and development in its own experimentation facilities that Assek Technologie has positioned itself as a leader in the field of building drying. Plasterboard, roxul, Terra cota, plaster or concrete structures are some of the materials regularly used in our interventions to avoid demolition, even in the presence of asbestos.

All types of materials

Regardless of the type of materials with which your walls are built (single or double plasterboard with or without soundproofing wool, terracotta, plaster, concrete, etc.), we take care of the drying operation, even in the presence of asbestos.


Regardless of the extent of the damage, we are able to carry out the dehumidification in less than 72 hours. These significant savings in time and money often reach 50% of the demolition and reconstruction costs.

Hygiene and salubrity

Respecting the strictest standards of hygiene and sanitation, Assek Technologie makes sure to apply the various preventive measures required, always referring to the protocols related to the various risk groups in order to keep the premises healthy and safe throughout the dehumidification work.

Secur application monitoring

Environmental control

With our full range of probes and sensors, we can help you control your most sensitive environments. Whether you need to measure temperature, humidity, the number of particles or the amount of CO2 in the air, the water content of materials, the negative or positive pressure level of an area, the ambient noise level or vibrations, we have the device you need. Access to these values in real time ensures that we are proactive and can quickly correct any situation considered abnormal.

Assek Technology dewatering in a hospital

Negative pressure control

Several areas often require the use of negative pressure rooms. Such rooms prevent the diffusion of internal air to adjacent corridors or rooms. This is particularly useful for infectious rooms in a hospital, for example.

However, not all rooms are designed to produce negative pressure and that is why Assek Technologie has developed a solution to transform an ordinary room into a negative pressure room.



The Assek Advantage


Since its inception, Assek Technologie has made the health and safety of its occupants its priority. To ensure this during our interventions, various preventive measures are put in place to reduce uncontrolled air movements in order to maintain better air quality throughout our dehumidification work.

In addition, the deployment of customized containment zones, accompanied by negative pressure, the use of HEPA filtration on several types of equipment, disinfection of affected areas, and our Secur-Air injection system are all elements that are part of our best practices in dehumidification to protect occupants. It is therefore with the help of this rigorous protocol that we are able to maintain safe premises throughout our interventions.


With its specialized dehumidification, Assek Technologie will help you achieve substantial savings compared to demolition and reconstruction costs. Also, our exclusive procedures, based essentially on our project management expertise, will help you reduce or even eliminate secondary or hidden costs such as operating losses, relocation of occupants, and time of internal resources devoted to crisis management.

In addition, our instrumentation, developed and improved largely in-house, allows us to minimize drying time compared to conventional methods, reducing costs by up to 50%.


Assek Technologie's innovative dehumidification process allows a complete intervention on-site in record time. Our Secur-Air targeted dehumidification process now allows us to restore materials to their original state in just a few hours. This allows you to get back to normal faster than ever before. Our dehumidification project management software allows us to compile the data related to the mandate and to propose an optimized intervention plan to you, in order to finalize it within the deadline.

This speed is the result of several years of research and development in a company that constantly questions the various drying methods, with the ultimate goal of optimizing and creating new techniques.


Control is crucial to project management. Assek Technologie always keeps this top of mind and we have developed a digitally-based solution to manage water damage. With this software, all essential information is just a click away, which helps our team make smart decisions quickly.

Secur is the first project management software in the field of building dehumidification that gives our technicians the possibility to follow the progress of the dehumidification process from any mobile device.

Coupled with state-of-the-art instrumentation, Secur allows us to measure several parameters remotely in real time and to be notified when abnormal data is detected. With Assek Technologie, nothing is left to hasard !


All our interventions are certified and guaranteed. Our expertise and know-how in building dehumidification without demolition will ensure the perfection of each completed mandate. At the end of any intervention, smear samples can be taken from materials affected by water or humidity, depending on the requirements of the situation (high-risk groups) or according to the client's request.

These samples are then sent to an independent laboratory for analysis to ensure that they are free of all traces of fungal contamination. In addition, we provide you with a detailed final report of our intervention, accompanied by a guarantee on the work performed. Only Assek Technologie can offer you the White CrossTM Warranty, giving you peace of mind.